Always shave the night before your airbrush tan rather than the day of. You should also exfoliate to properly prepare your skins surface either the night prior or the day of your tan. It is always a good choice to avoid any lotions or make-up that may act as a barrier to prevent an even application that day of your tan.



Wait a minimum of 4 hrs. before showering, you can wait 6-8 hrs. for a darker result. We recommend not exfoliating, or using abrasive cleansers after that may end up taking your tan off. After every shower make sure to use moisturizer to enhance and extend the life of your tan.


Spray tanning allows you to get that bronze glow year round without risking your health in damaging tanning beds. Our spray tan solution is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, natural, organic, sustainable, and leaves your skin nourished and healthy looking. Another bonus to our spray tan solution is that it does not contain a bad scent and will leave you smelling good while you wait for it to dry!

Regular Spray Tan


Get that summer glow year round with our nourishing spray tan. We have different spray tanning solutions with a variety of colors for you to pick from. Your tan should last 5-7 days, but peak tan is withing 48 hrs. of getting the tan. We recommend getting your spray tan 2 days before your vacation or event!

Ultimate Spray Tan


Our ultimate spray tan includes a post treatment finishing powder that will leave your skin with an extra glow and dries the spray tan instantly helping with unwanted marks on the skin and color transfer on clothes and sheets. This finishing powder is enriched with natural, organic ingredients leaving your skin soft and smooth.